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Hold Up Stockings

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The erotic variety of nylon and lace

Hold-up stockings, also known as stay-ups or suspenders, are extremely popular with both men and women. They are usually made of nylon – a delicate material that is somewhat reminiscent of silk and feels incredibly comfortable on the skin, making them ideal for everyday wear. But that’s not all! Nylon fibres are also very durable and have an extremely elegant look. Hold-up stockings are the symbol of sex appeal and turn everyone into an erotic temptress. With different styles and designs, ranging from simple to extravagant, they ensure a stylish appearance that is sure to attract attention. Whether with an elegant lace band or in a design that makes the legs look longer, hold-up stockings are a must-have in the wardrobe of every woman who wants to look confident, attractive and sexy.

The art of seduction with hold-up stockings

The art of seduction is raised to a new level with seductive looks and skin-coloured stockings that emphasise the natural beauty of the skin. They are available in different colours and designs, so there is something for every taste – whether opaque to attract prying eyes, in an erotic mesh look for a special style or the classic hold-up stockings. If you want to look really seductive and sensual, a combination of sexy lingerie and hold-up stockings in erotic colours is a must. Complemented by a lace top, this selection should always be ready at hand in your bedside cabinet. This range gives you the opportunity to add even more elegance to your look and emphasise your personal style.

Style, comfort and eroticism

Stay-ups are similar to classic tights, but end in the centre of the thigh. Just like hold-up stockings, they fulfil less of a practical purpose and are primarily there to show off your legs in an erotic way. An integrated silicone band at the hem keeps the stockings in the perfect position and ensures optimum comfort and slip resistance. Hold-up stockings are one of the classics among lingerie. They are available in a wide variety of colours, glossy, with eye-catching patterns or discreetly opaque, with integrated suspenders. Their thin material is ideal to wear under a dress as the stockings are barely visible. Details such as a fine lace band at the hem, delicate bows or the seductive mesh look of the stockings grab attention and attract admiring glances, turning you into a real eye-catcher. By the way, these hold-up stockings are also available in XL sizes!

Stay-ups: where fashion meets seduction

Sexy stay-ups are not only popular for erotic photo shoots, where they skilfully showcase the legs and round off a seductive outfit. They are also an exciting addition to everyday outfits. Brave individuals integrate stay-up stockings into their wardrobe and combine them with long dresses and skirts that reveal a hint of seduction through a large slit. A quick glance at the stockings can be enough to turn heads. And of course, stay-up stockings can also be perfectly combined with other lingerie such as a bra and briefs to create an all-round seductive outfit.

Hold-up stockings – the best brands at ORION

Hold-up stockings and stay ups are not just classic lingerie for women, they are also becoming increasingly popular with men. Brands such as Cottelli Collection and Noir offer a wide range of hold-up stockings that impress with their high quality and perfect comfort. Whether you are looking for something chic for an elegant evening or want to be particularly sexy to spend an exciting night with your partner, our range leaves nothing to be desired. Browse through our online shop and discover the diverse selection of hold-up stockings and even more erotic lingerie!