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Nylons & Nylon Stockings

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Nylon stockings – elegance and seduction

Nylon is the material dreams are made of. Whether you prefer hold-up nylon stockings with a chic decorative seam or real seamed nylons made of polyamide and spandex, the material simply feels great. Soft, delicate and ultra-soft – like a second skin, in just the right length and size. The seam emphasises the shape of the leg, and the edge of the sock. It makes everything perfect. Small problem areas? No problem, they are simply concealed by the nylons.

Our branded products impress with their fine synthetic fibres and first-class quality. Some brands even offer a particularly sophisticated vintage look that radiates a seductive eroticism all on its own. Want even more choice? No problem, there are nylon stockings in all sizes and patterns to really show off your legs. And if you combine them with the right sex toys, you can really turn up the heat on your partner.

A must-have for every wardrobe

Nylon stockings have always been an eye-catcher and make your legs look seductive. But they can do even more! Erotic tights such as suspender stockings and suspender tights emphasise legs and buttocks like no other underwear and look stunning on everyone. Combined with a vinyl or leather outfit, they provide an extra dose of sexiness. And then there are the hold-up stockings and stay ups, which radiate pure femininity and seduction with a suspender belt. They are similar to nylon tights, but end at mid-thigh, making them airier and lighter – perfect for wearing them, under dresses and skirts in summer, and with just the right length.

Imagine the pretty, sheer, lace-trimmed band peeking out at your thigh when you wear them under a mini skirt or dress with a slit. You won’t just attract the attention of your partner!
And if you like it even sexier, you can also wear the strapless nylon suspenders without underwear. Your sexy legs may be covered, but you give your partner a complete view of your most intimate areas. He’ll hardly be able to contain his excitement, and that’s the whole point!

Nylon stockings and suspenders: a timeless statement

There is hardly any item of clothing that exudes more eroticism than suspender belts, especially when it comes to nylon stockings. Simply attach them to a suspender belt or garter belt with a few suspender straps and the fun can begin. And the colour selection? It matches any of your lingerie, even the vintage pieces. Whether with a sexy outfit or simply with a bra and panties – suspender stockings always look stunning and are just the thing for those looking for that little bit of eroticism and self-confidence.

Imagine welcoming your partner in the evening in a seductive suspender outfit. The looks, the erotic attention – simply irresistible! And if you really want something special, then take a look at the stockings and tights from the Cottelli Collection and La finesse DESSOUS. They really put you in the spotlight! With suspender stockings, a suspender belt and nylon stockings, you can become irresistibly seductive.