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Catsuits & Bodystockings

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Catsuits – look irresistible!

Catsuits, also known as bodystockings, are seductive, full-body outfits that make you look gorgeous and sexy – like Halle Berry when she played Catwoman. And let´s be honest – no man can resist such an erotic sight. A catsuit is one of the most arousing pieces of lingerie there is. Neither lingerie sets nor bodies are a patch on the bodystocking when it comes to erotic lingerie.

Bodystocking – it´s the details that matter

The fact that a catsuit covers the body from head to toe without concealing very much is the reason why they are so special and why they stand out from other attractive lingerie. A catsuit is transparent, meaning that everything is visible. You can still make sure that the right parts of your body are emphasised or concealed, thanks to the different designs.
The details are the important thing with these outfits. Seductive cut-outs in the chest area and eye-catching lacing give you a stunningly, sexy cleavage and decorate your breasts beautifully. Interesting patterns and colours or a latex outfit conceal your problem areas. A bodystocking is suitable for women who want to show off what they have and for women who want to leave certain things to their partner´s imagination. Net catsuits with cut-outs, transparent inserts or bright colours will definitely make men´s hearts beat faster. You can wrap your partner around your little finger if you wear a catsuit with cheeky lace inserts or a latex outfit. The slit in the vaginal area makes the erotic view even more interesting and the best thing about it is that the catsuit can be kept on during your moments of passion.

Catsuit material and how to clean

A catsuit is basically a stocking for your body that fits perfectly. Catsuits are mainly made out of polyamide, which is a material that doesn´t tear very easily. The bodystockings are also very stretchy because of the elastane part and this means that it easy to put on. The outfit´s comfortable material is crease-resistant and therefore fairly easy to clean. However, you should make sure that it doesn´t come into contact with heat. You shouldn´t put your bodystocking in a tumble dryer, iron it or wash it in very hot water if you want to enjoy your sexy bodystocking for a long time.