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Male lingerie – surprise your partner

They have been in women´s underwear drawers for centuries, however men have now discovered the world of sexy lingerie for themselves. Nowadays, fine rib underpants and boxers are no longer alone in the underwear drawer – they are sharing the drawer with erotic and provocative male underwear, which is also worn outside the bedroom as well. However, there is one thing that fine rib underwear and erotic underwear have in common: they are comfortable. No man really wants to do without comfortable underwear.

Sexy men´s underwear for every occasion

Men are adventurous –even when it comes to sexy underwear. Fashionable men have realised that it isn´t just women who can wear lingerie to show off their figure. A man´s best asset can also be shown off wonderfully with the right underwear. Cleverly placed seams, push-up pouches and shaping inserts make your bum look sexy and provide you with an impressive bulge. Men are also allowed to cheat a bit by wearing shapewear underwear, after all women do this as well. Surprise your partner by wearing male lingerie that has a transparent insert or a slit in a certain place. Your partner will be pleased that you´re also thinking about how to make yourself look attractive and sexy. Ultimately however, you can decide what type of underwear you want to wear. Whether you like wearing strings, underpants or tight boxers, the different colours and materials mean that the possibilities are almost endless.

Male lingerie – not just for down below

Male underwear isn´t just for down below. Stylish, tight-fitting shirts put your muscles in the limelight. Both men and women love the attractive contrast between a man´s body and the delicate material. Men´s shirts give you a great body when worn with the right underwear or trousers – without you having to visit the gym. If you are looking for something very special, you could also be daring and go for a feminine body. As you can see, male underwear is diverse and can make your love life more exciting. So be brave and try out all the different kinds of male lingerie!