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Stewardess Costume

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Sexy stewardess costume – float on cloud 9

Men like fantasising about other women and they especially like dreaming about having sex with a sexy nurse, an attractive police woman or a pretty stewardess. If you want to fulfil your partner´s lustful fantasies, you can surprise him with a sexy stewardess costume and enjoy acting out a pilot/stewardess role play scenario together. Role play provides you and your partner with new and previously unknown moments of pleasure, and it spices up your love life too.

A sexy stewardess costume will get men´s hearts racing

MMen find women in uniform extremely erotic. The air hostess costume is very tight-fitting and puts your sexy figure in the limelight. The stewardess outfit is either a short sleeve top with a matching mini skirt and scarf, or a tight-fitting mini dress. The outfits allow cheeky glimpses and your partner wont know where to look first. The costumes have pretty stripes and beautiful details on them. The stretchy material fits like a second skin and is very eye-catching.
You will also look amazing in a stewardess costume when you visit a swingers club. Role play is also welcome here and sometimes there are even theme nights or theme rooms. So take your erotic costume for a night out and let a sexy pilot seduce you.

Listen to your partner´s wishes

Role play is an interesting and erotic change to your normal sex life. Men and women have secret fantasies that they can live out in a role play scenario. However, you must trust your partner and must be able to talk to them openly about anything. It can get quite wild during some role play scenarios and that is why it is important to know what your partner likes and at what point it becomes uncomfortable for them. The best thing to do is agree on a code word to use so that you both know when the limit has been reached. Trust, fantasy and creativity when role-playing will give you the opportunity to try out different costumes, play different roles and help you discover your love life again in a completely new way.